Product Developments
Continuous developments and innovation are our main goal to provide our customers with the best possible solutions.

Our latest software version, IPS-ENERGY™ 1.92, is now available and ready for customer installation.

In the following you'll find some highlight that have been implemented in our new version (will be updated continuously):

  • General implementations:
    • Master Data Management – Extension to Asset Type Modeling
    • Export Grid to MS Excel extended to *.xlsx format
    • General data modeling – Model for CT extended
    • Performance improvement in case of heavy load and huge amount of concurrent users/connections
    • Preferences - Increase "Row Limit" to 500,000 in order to consider lager amount of assets
    • Save Data Filters By Name/User Profile

  • Asset Management
    • Discard Management – Ability to discard multiple assets at one time
    • Trip/Control Circuit
    • Audit Trail on Asset Data
    • Automatic generation of Internal Reference Number
  • Asset Management & IPS-RELEX™ (RELay EXpert)
    • Relay Settings & SWM|RSR|Relay Settings - Ability to attach multiple items at once
    • Links of CT Core/VT Winding to relay
  • IPS-SWM™ (Setting Workflow Management)
    • Discard Management – Ability to discard multiple assets at one time
    • Trip/Control Circuit
    • Audit Trail on Asset Data
    • Automatic generation of Internal Reference Number

  • Maintenance Concept & Work Execution
    • Primary testing – Support extended to Omicron Dirana v1.7
    • Primary testing – Support extended to Doble SFRA
    • Support extended to Kelvatek
    • Support extended to Megger ProActiv
    • Support of Midtronics Battery Test
    • Primary Testing extension for Doble DTA files (Version 6.x)
    • Primary Testing extension for DGA

  • IPS-Report Studio™
    • Full implementation under object visibility

  • IPS-Calculation Studio™
    • Support of NERC requirements
    • Complete redesign

  • Planning
    • Enhancement to Exceptional Cycle Capability Planning Wizard

  • IPS-Topology Manager™
    • Support of CIM Auditing functionality (also known as Topology History)

You will find the complete documentation under "What’s new" in our customer area.

The IPS-ENERGY™ Enterprise Edition VDE 0109 Maintenance Information Management fulfills the requirements of the new German Maintenance Standard VDEs VDE 0109-1 and E VDE 0109-2. Download: VDE 0109 certificate
Electrocon and IPS have developed a bidirectional interface between CAPE and IPS-RELEX™. The IPS-CAPE Bridge™ interface offers users simple and fast data transfer possibilities between the two platforms. In addition, a solution is provided for the management of the mapping between CAPE styles and IPS relay models.
IPS-SYSTEMS™ supports Siemens Protection very efficiently through continual cooperation between IPS and Siemens. IPS had already developed an interface for the latest Siemens XML Data Protection Structure and allows data import from the latest DIGSI version 4.8x. Furthermore, IPS has developed a mechanism for automatic data protection pattern generation using one XML file. This feature will benefit all common Siemens and IPS customers. In the future, Siemens will support IPS through some extra functions within a future DIGSI version. The bidirectional interface between the two systems and the simplification of the data model maintenance will then be possible. Fortunately, continual cooperation in all future upgrades will be managed between IPS/Siemens and distributed to their mutual customers.
Through successful cooperation with Realtech AG from Waldorf, IPS-ENERGY™ became a validated bidirectional interface with SAP. Integration from IPS and SAP is realized with the Realtech IM/3 Interface Manager and IPS-SAP Bridge™. IPS-SAP Bridge™ is a new product from IPS that is offered with a standard interface with customer-specific adoptions as well.
IPS has expanded its application area in the management of safety tests. In addition, IPS has developed a direct interface to SECUTEST and the PROFITEST Gossen-Metrawatt test device family. This interface permits direct data transfer between the IPS-ENERGY™ system and Gossen-Metrawatt test devices. Thereby, it is possible to manage all necessary tests and activities according to safety standards (DIN, BS, IEC…). This allows IPS users to achieve further optimization of maintenance activities through extension of the IPS-SYSTEMS™ application area. This functionality is included in the standard scope of delivery within the IPS-ENERGY™ Executive Edition.