The IPS-MAXIMO Interface is a set of software components that enables two-way data exchange between IPS-ENERGY™ and IBM MAXIMO software systems.
What you can do within module group – IPS-MAXIMO Bridge™:
  • Transferring data from IPS-ENERGY to MAXIMO via ESB/WebSphere (communication layer)
  • Transferring data from MAXIMO via ESB/WebSphere to IPS-ENERGY (communication layer)
  • Data transformation (data mapping layer)
  • Customer-specific application logic configuration (restrictions, rules enforcement, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting, logging, monitoring, auditing, process automation etc.
  • IPS/MAXIMO Interface communication and exchange process is based on industry standard web services (SOAP/WSDL).
  • Easy and fast data transfer between IPS and MAXIMO

It is supported by the following modules within IPS-CAPE Bridge™ module group:

  • Data Exchange
  • Style Management
Please, take a look on Asset Management screenshots:
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