General license terms

IPS-SYSTEMS™ are published under a commercial license. All rights reserved by IPS-Intelligent Process Solutions GmbH.

For using IPS-SYSTEMS™ appropriate licenses need to be acquired. Licenses only include usage rights for IPS products. Property, source code and copy rights remain at IPS-Intelligent Process Solutions GmbH.

IPS products are mainly split into a server and a client component. A license needs to be acquired for both types. Therefore a pure server license and a pure client license exists. Special services or additions need to be activated with a special license.

License keys activate IPS products and enable purchased functionality. Without a license IPS products cannot be used. Any kind of license needs to be implemented into the installed system and needs to be activated with IPS.

Details about needed licenses can be reviewed in any Service Contract between IPS-Intelligent Process Solutions GmbH and the customer.

IPS-License concept
There are two different methods to activate and valid your license. Licenses can be activated in Online and Offline mode.
Online Activation
To activate your license online you need an active internet connection during license installation. The IPS license server will be contacted and your license will be automatically checked and activated. Between your network and the IPS-License server a secure https-connection will be established.

Online activation
Offline Activation

If your system does not have the possibility to activate your licenses online, IPS also offers an offline activation system. If you like to activate your license offline you need to provide your installation code (generated within IPS-SYSTEMS™) to your support contact. Based on this information an activation file and a confirmation code will be generated and transmitted to you. With these information you are able to activate your server and client installations.

Offline activation

Licenses are saved in the IPS database. Starting your client installation will connect to the server to check your license status. If license is valid your IPS installation will start normally. In case of mobile clients, special options needs to be set. Mobile clients can start IPS installations without a license check each start.

If you have any questions concerning IPS licensing please feel free to send us an email to: