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IPS-ENERGY™ Executive
Included Module Groups
IPS-ENERGY™ Executive
Asset Maintenance Concept, Execution,
Mobile Data Collection and Documentation
Maintenance Concept
(more detailed information in chapter “IPS-Module Groups“)
• Asset management concept development for maintenance
and commissioning
• Defne action templates:
Inspection, repair, revision, maintenance, etc.
• Defne maintenance cycles (time-, condition- or logic-based)
• Defnition of follow-up actions
• Templates for different types of results:
Control, enter value, tables, image import, result import from
test equipment, value comparison, etc.
• Complex formula usage
• Dynamic, condition or logic depended concept
• Defnition of system response depends on
maintenance results
• Defnition of resource requirements per action
(requires Module Group MRI)
Work Execution
(more detailed information in chapter “IPS-Module Groups“)
• Mobile management for the accomplishment of maintenance
and commissioning activities (asset- and location-based)
• Management of maintenance and commissioning notifcations
and follow-up actions
• Condition-based notifcations
• Extensive reporting possibilities
• Statistic functionalities
• Automatic documentation of all activities
• Dynamic condition-based maintenance
• Collection of results
• Import test results from test device software
(OMICRON, Doble, etc.)
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