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IPS-ENERGY™ Enterprise
Included Module Groups
IPS-ENERGY™ Enterprise
Advanced Time-, Condition- or Logic-based
Maintenance Planning and Work Ordering
Maintenance Planning
(more detailed information in chapter “IPS-Module Groups“)
• User defned maintenance plans
• User-friendly planning wizard
• Automatic plans based on action cycles
• Operational status overview about planned actions
• Easy creation of estimation plans
• Resource requirement overview for entire plan
• Asset replacement planning
• Dynamic condition- and risk-based planning
• Different planning types
• Planning related to work orders, asset groups, etc.
• Input for outage management
Maintenance Analysis
• Maintenance accomplishment supervision and reporting
• Overview about all maintenance improvements
and follow-up actions
• Management of maintenance process/concept improvements
• Button for maintenance status
Planned - not executed
Planned - executed
Not planned - but executed
Work Ordering
(more detailed information in chapter “IPS-Module Groups“)
• Standalone or integrated with ERP
• Work order management system
for operational maintenance activities
• Work plan implementation
• Control of plan execution and work scheduling
• Resource spending management
• Actual and nominal resource spending per work order
• Adding action to work order
• Mobile work orders with Google-maps support
• Assignment of work packages with actions and
tasks to work order
• Mobile adding of working time
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