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IPS-EPIS™ Executive
IPS-EPIS™ Executive
is the extension of
Edition extended with the innovative
Module Groups Maintenance Concept and Work Execution. This Edition allows managing of the
mobile execution and reporting of maintenance and commissioning, limited to protective relays
and instrument transformer. Available as part of IPS-SYSTEMS™ or as an add-on to ERP.
IPS-EPIS™ Executive
provides you functionalites from
and also extended solutions for:
• Maintenance and commissioning concept management
• Management of maintenance actions (on assets and locations)
• Administration of the actions assigned with work orders
• Management of action groups
• Overview about every action and notifcation
• Management of maintenance and commissioning
notifcations and follow-up actions
• Defnition of action templates
• Customizable tutorial module
• Condition-based assessment calculation
• Mobile data collection and mobile maintenance execution
• Condition-based maintenance
• Replacement (Renewal) management
• Enables the implementation of a consistent and optimized maintenance strategy
• Through the fexibility and intelligence of the system
any maintenance strategy can be presented in the strategy tree
• Traffc-light function for easy control
• Use of predefned action templates
• Included activities history
• Allocation of activities to ex-/internal work orders
• Automatic notifcations including follow-up actions
(depending on the result)
• Result import from various test software like Doble,
• Extensive maintenance statistic functionalities
• Already implemented VDE-0109-2 maintenance measures
• Condition-based assessment calculation
• Defnition of time-, condition- or logic-based strategy
• Data condition-based notifcations
Included Module Groups:
• Asset Management
(Protection Assets only)
• Maintenance Concept
• Work Execution
IPS-EPIS™ Executive
Relay and Instrument Transformer Maintenance Management
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