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IPS-SmartGridDI™ Enterprise |
Included Module Groups
IPS-SmartGridDI™ Enterprise
Information Intelligence Publishing and Presentation
Enterprise Asset Management Decision Intelligence
• Confgure your own dashboard with all your desired data
• Exclude data which are not of interest for you
• Predefne notifcation, e.g. to get an email when
critical data has changed
• See diagnostic and analysis results in real-time
• Platform independent - on desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet
• Publish your data by email to other decision makers
• Sort your data by using different dashboard i.e. for protection
data, asset data, etc.
• See all of your critical relay settings or upcoming
maintenance actions
• Confgure your own data dashboards
• Publisher is visualizing help for asset management decision
• Use predefned portlets
• Get specifed reports in simple lists
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