Enterprise Protection Information System

IPS®EPIS stands for Enterprise Protection Information System and is our comprehensive power system protection life-cycle data management. It provides a highly specialized world-wide unique solution for protective relay data, setting, and testing management. IPS®EPIS is available as part of IPS®SYSTEMS or as an add-on to ERP.

IPS®EPIS Firmware management of relays

Firmware management of relays

IPS®EPIS Generator

XRIO generator and interface to Omicron

IPS®EPIS Documentation Management

Protection testing and test document management

IPS®EPIS Relay data management

Relay data management

IPS®EPIS Location Management

Location Management

IPS®EPIS Setting management

Setting management


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IPS®EPIS Overview

IPS®EPIS is a software specially developed for the Management of Protection Assets. It allows users to manage malfunctions of the assets, repair processes, and instrument transformers related to relays. It contains the world’s most extensive protection type data model library. IPS®EPIS allows managing the mobile execution and reporting of maintenance and commissioning, limiting protective relays and instrument transformers. Available as part of IPS®SYSTEMS or as an add-on to ERP.

IPS®EPIS can be extended with Maintenance Planning, Work Ordering, and Maintenance Analysis Module Groups. Comprehensive product for planning, analysis, and evaluation of maintenance and work ordering management is limited to protective devices and instrument transformers. IPS®EPIS Enterprise can be used as a standalone or a supplement to generic Enterprise Asset Performance Management Solution or ERP.

IPS®EPIS Resource overview for the entire planning

Resource overview for the entire planning

IPS®EPIS User-friendly planning wizard

User-friendly planning wizard

IPS®EPIS Easy creation of estimation plans

Easy creation of estimation plans

IPS®EPIS Recording and documentation of all activities

Recording and documentation of all activities

IPS®EPIS Configurable asset-type librar

Configurable asset-type library

IPS®EPIS Repair Process Management

Repair Process Management

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