Our leading edge Mobile Solution (IPS®MobApp), with both online and offline capability and dynamically-changing work tasks and action lists, based on Field Data Collection and instant Asset Analytics, providing superior predictive maintenance capability, as well as Voice Recognition (Luna) and Machine-learning, Asset Nameplate and Condition Photo Recognition and Analysis.


Maintenance Management with Advanced Mobile Platform

E-mail links to work orders

Clicking on the link opens the MobApp in a Work Order Action View that automatically opens the action that needs to be executed.

Advanced Image Recognition

By taking a picture of the nameplate of an asset, execute collection and verification of data on site.

Modern Augmented Reality Technology

Modern Augmented Reality Technology

Watch IPS Augmented reality video


CURRENT SOLUTION EAM and/or Maintenance Management (MM) system is lacking a mobile solution.
IPS SOLUTION is offering an advanced mobile solution to existing IPS®SYSTEMS customers. For a non- IPS®SYSTEMS EAM, IPS can enhance your EAM system to support advanced mobility.
CURRENT SOLUTION is too complex for mobile platform field users.
IPS SOLUTION IPS®MobApp Solution is specially designed for Field Users in order to reduce complexity.
CURRENT SOLUTION has difficulties retrieving all data required for advanced performance analytics via mobile platform. Current mobile solution handles only simple checklist and entered values. Complex results, like tables, are not supported.
IPS SOLUTION MobApp Solution supports complex data models required for advanced performance analytics; like tables, photos, formulas, etc.
CURRENT MOBILE SOLUTION presents challenges with field data collection and verification.
IPS SOLUTION can offer field data collection through advanced image recognition technology.
CURRENT SOLUTION only supports maintenance concepts as a list of linear tasks. Current solution has static maintained templates (e.g. sheets, forms) that are too generic and do not adopt to changing requirements on site.
IPS SOLUTION offers dynamic maintenance templates which adopt conditional branching of activities.
CURRENT MOBILE SOLUTION is lacking functionality such as QR and BAR Code Scanning.
IPS SOLUTION offers the ability to search for assets through QR or BAR Code Scanning.
CURRENT SOLUTION has problems with mobile offline mode.
IPS SOLUTION can improve your current EAM, ERP, or MM by offering an advanced mobile solution which runs in offline or online mode.
CURRENT MOBILE SOLUTION does not work on multiple platforms, like IOS, Android, and Windows.
IPS SOLUTION can improve your current EAM, ERP or MM by offering an advanced mobile solution running on IOS, Android, or Windows.
CURRENT SOLUTION does not support automatic result estimation from the mobile solution and linking this result with advanced performance analytics and follow-up actions.
IPS SOLUTION can furnish real-time estimation of the action results and automatic machine learning based definition of follow up actions.
CURRENT SOLUTION lacks close-to-real-time field crew supervision.
IPS SOLUTION can help reduce your field service cost by advanced supervision and data management.
CURRENT MOBILE SOLUTION lacks appropriate capability to group tasks, actions, and work orders to support efficient work execution.
IPS SOLUTION offers a graphical workflow-based execution of work tasks




(Asset register)

Asset Management


– User Management

– Report Management

– Audit Trail


IPS®ENERGY Executive

(Activities Execution & Maintenance Results Repository)

Maintenance Concept

– Maintenance Concept Definition

– Commissioning Concept Definition

– Action Template Workflow Definition

Work Execution

– Asset View

– Location View

– Action Group View

– Action Overview

– Notification Overview


IPS®ENERGY Enterprise

(Additional Work Ordering, Planning, Scheduling, and Maintenance Analysis)


Maintenance Resource Intelligence (Definition of Resource Requirements)


Business Process Management (Workflow and Process Definition)

This solution can be combined with any or all of the other IPS Solutions