Module Group Overview

IPS® Circuit Element Limit Calculation

IPS®CELC module group is designed for static rating management, where ratings represent the maximum electrical current that a power network circuit can carry before sustaining immediate or progressive deterioration.

A power network circuit is a set of wires and equipment. Each section of the wire or piece of equipment is known as an element of the circuit. Each element has a maximum current (known as current rating) at which it is expected to operate safely and reliably. A rating is needed to determine system operating limits in the bulk electric system such as in the Transmission, Distribution, and Generation sectors.

Module Overview

There are three modules within IPS®CELC module group. Circuit Rating Overview implements the overall static rating calculation related to browsing and navigation for both overhead lines and power transformers.

The Circuit Rating Configuration module has full configuration capability including Add/Edit/Delete operations. These entities are:

  • Rating Templates,
  • Temperature Bands,
  • Rating Types,
  • Conductors and
  • Ratings per Conductor Rating Types.