Module Group Overview

IPS® Network Model Management

The IPS® Network Model Management module is part of the IPS®ENERGY software that allows users to create, change, manage, and store CIM-based network models. It is a central repository and management system for the creation and maintenance of power system network models.

IPS®NMM tool also fully meets all requirements for Network Model Management solutions that were published by CIM User Group. The requirements define the main objectives and product features, proposed requirement evaluation, typical NMM use cases, and the detailed requirement list. Compliance with the above requirements is built into IPS®SYSTEMS as a standard product. The IPS®NMM represents a cutting-edge feature that allows TSOs to start working with their new NMM tools immediately.

Module Overview

The core part of the IPS®NMM is the CIM based data repository that is built on top of the Microsoft SQL Server database system. It stores individual CIM data (entities, properties, and relations) as data points and not files.

Version Control System concept (NMM-VCS) makes it easier to track changes to CIM based network models. For example, when you edit a network model, the NMM-VCS can help you determine exactly what changed, who changed it, and why it changed.

IPS®NMM supports the creation of any number of network model projects related to the future state of the network model. These projects can be assembled with the operational model based on user-configurable criteria for analysis and tracking purposes.

Information is accessible via several presentation layers:

  • Graphical layout (connectivity),
  • Tabular browsing,
  • Python scripting and
  • Querying.