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Minimize outage disruption with IPS®OMS.

IPS® has developed CIM Based Outage Management System using advanced technologies, which offers the possibility to AUTOMAP CIM Network Connectivity model with Asset Management Data, specialized for transmission organizations.


Given the capability of IPS®SYSTEMS to manage Network Topology and relationship with translation to Asset Management Hierarchy, IPS® Outage Management System provides the powerful ability and intelligence to plan and manage system outages, to optimize the benefits, costs, and risks of your Asset Replacement, Refurbishment, Augmentation, and Maintenance Programs. It has built-in integration with enterprise level systems such as EAM – IBM Maximo, SAP, IFS, and many others.


CIM Based outage management






IPS®OMS Planned Outage Management


IPS®OMS Unplanned Outage Management

Why IPS® Outage Management Solution?

Minimize disruption, maximize efficiency.

IPS® is always striving to deliver a reliable solution for the customers. The growing global demand from customers for reliable electricity led us to develop an Outage Management Solution that is efficient, reliable, and provides accurate information about the extent of the outage and its impact on the customers and their management.

Within IPS®OMS, we have integrated IPS® OMS Planned Outage Management, IPS® OMS Unplanned Outage Management, and IPS®OMS Switching Order Management Modules, each addressing specific needs.

Through the constant development of our products to follow customers’ needs, we have carried out several successful implementations of Outage Management Systems. Whether it is implementation from scratch or replacing the system, IPS® provides a solution, knowledge, and experts that will make it work for you.
One of our biggest implementations of the IPS®OMS Unplanned Outage Management module, one part of wider Outage Management Solution, was for Tenaga Nasional Berhad, an electric utility company from Malaysia.

But, don’t just take our word for it. Read, how TNB with IPS® found the best shortcut for managing non-international outages.

How does IPS®OMS work?

IPS® Outage Management System was developed by IPS® Experts with the main goal to reduce downtimes of the gird systems. Outage lifecycle starts with the notifications that comes as unstructured textual data or it can be created by interfacing IPS®NMM, that can read various event logs, historians and generate notifications in IPS®OMS automatically. Based on that notification an outage request is created. Outage planner can identify primary outage object (line, power transformer, busbar, compensator, etc.) and associate it to outage request. Once the equipment related to outage request is identified the outage planner makes decision how to proceed.

The outage plan could be entered to system years before the estimated execution time so the utilities usually set up a yearly internal coordination and determines which outages will be executed during the year with rough estimation of the execution dates. The preparation for outage execution includes various steps and requires coordination of the work in the site, finalizing the switching order and getting final approval. Before outage execution and outage plan must be approved.

Outage Monitoring

CIM Network Model or Asset Management based Geo Map presentation of the Outages with lightning information and real-time thunderstrike simulation, stations and overhead line search…

Customizable dashboards and reports

IPS®OMS has built-in advanced visualizations for both network model and outages (one-line diagram schematics, geo-map presentation, Gantt view, network diagrams, etc.). Build custom reports and ease future decisions.

Realtime Outage Analysis

IPS®OMS has a capability to record history of outages through the operations and provide real-time insights into the systems.

Instant Alerts

IPS®OMS with highly advanced notification center identify outage and provide instant alert through different channels. Set customized notifications via SMS or emails.

CIM-Based approach

IPS®OMS is working in the same data model as the transmission operations/SCADA/EMS, operation planning. Network (topological based) connectivity improves accuracy and reduces time and cost for outage planning and scheduling. Centralized equipment identification between operation, outage planning, and maintenance (unique device number identification approach).

Get a glimpse into the future

Accessing future (for instance from one to five years ahead) power system investment projects from IPS®NMM enables more accurate outage planning for commissioning related outages. More detailed presentation of analytical and disturbance results produced by network analysis study tools related to switching orders and outages.


IPS®SYSTEMS are distinguished by modular design. Customers can add individual module groups according to functional requirements and perform the gradual implementation of the system – starting with basics and implementing full functionality step by step.

IPS®OMS Planned Outage

IPS®OMS Planned Outage Module, designed to simplify the processes of scheduling and managing planned outages, including forced outages.

IPS®OMS Unplanned Outage Management

IPS®OMS Unplanned Outage Management is a dedicated module, explicitly developed to manage unplanned outages in power system utilities.

IPS®OMS Switching Order

IPS®SOM is a module, designed to control the processes of providing conditions for safe operations on elements, that are subject to disconnection requests.


Leading-edge web platform to manage all Asset Operations and optimize their performance! IPS®LUNA is a new version web-based platform of IPS®ENERGY, built using advanced web technologies.

IPS® Network Model

The IPS®NMM allows users to create, change, manage, and store CIM-based network models. It is a central repository and management system for the creation and maintenance of power system network models.

IPS® Business Process Management

IPS®BPM Module provides business process functionality. It is a complete custom entity within IPS®ENERGY and can be customized for users’ own usage.


IPS®ENERGY advanced software solution for Technical Asset and Maintenance Data Management.

Reduce outage length by locating outages faster!

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