The IPS-MobApp™ is a cutting-edge solution specially developed for field crews in electrical power utilities around the world. The solution supports complex data models required for advanced performance analytics as well as onsite tracking of failure modes and root cause analysis. Designed for maximum flexibility IPS-MobApp™ works on leading mobile platforms. This mobile application is developed to use with IPS-ENERGY™ to provide a comprehensive solution for mobile maintenance execution.


  • Online and offline mode
  • Available for Android, iOS and Windows operating system
  • Integrated with IPS-Identity Provider™
  • Integrated with IPS-Web Services™
  • Integrated with IPS-SmartGridDI™ and common services
  • Google Maps Support
  • Nameplate Recognition using AI and OCR
  • QR and Barcode Scanning
  • GPS Awareness
  • Easy and automatic task execution
  • Formulas, notifications, and follow-up actions are created automatically


IPS-MobApp™ is simple to use and available to be used with smartphone, tablet or computer. It is supported on Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems.

Image Recognition

Field data collection is easier with advanced image recognition. Assets can be searched based on QR or Barcode information. Additional asset data can be scanned onsite using AI in combination with OCR.

Google Maps Support

IPS-MobApp™ has built in GPS awareness which gives you additional control over the entered data and easier localization of assets. With route details and directions in application you will never get lost again.

Online and Offline mode

IPS-MobApp™ can be used online or offline. Offline mode allows field workers to work on the field where the internet connection is poor or not provided. When working offline database is stored on the local devices and synchronized once the app is connected to the internet.


Bring your field work to the next level with leading-edge
mobile solution.