Asset Management

Module Group Overview

This module group allows you to manage and customize all your asset data, including asset type library, locations, and track various kinds of events such as location changes, malfunction records, repair records and discard process. Major benefits of Asset Management are that the asset types delivered by IPS, are modeled in an intelligent way so you can easily return to all asset properties and characteristics that you need. This is the necessary preliminary step for an efficient asset maintenance management (based on these properties and characteristics).

Asset Explorer

Asset Explorer allows to visualize/modify/customize the asset locations and asset data.


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Asset Type Library

Asset Type Library allows to modify/extend/customize the asset types that you have in your network.


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Location Management

Location Management allows you to modify/extend/customize the asset locations and locations types.


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Malfunction Management

Malfunction Management allows you to track any malfunction event that would happen on your assets.


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Repair Management

Repair Management allows you to track the repair process attached to your assets.


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Location Change Management

Location Change Management allows you per asset to track any location change such as Exchange/Dismount/Move/…


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Discard Management

Discard Management allows you to set any asset as “Discarded” and still see the whole asset history with all activities.


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