Module Group Overview

This module group is specialized for protection relays. It allows you to manage all relevant power system data, relay locations, technical documentation, relay settings and test activities. Major benefits are an increase of productivity by optimization of the information flow, having everywhere the right information and allowing automatic synchronization between notebooks and server. It increases your efficiency through automatic data import, test templates and reports. It increases the power system reliability through correct protection setting management and control. It allows you taking advantage from existing protection data models (high similarity degree with relay manufacturer models) and test templates. It allows you low implementation costs through fast implementation and experience within power system protection (Standard implementation is 3 – 6 months and for complex projects up to 1 Year).

Protection Explorer

Protection Explorer allows to visualize/modify/customize the relay locations and data.


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Protection Type Library

Protection Type Library allows to modify/extend/customize the protection types that you have in your network.


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Location Management

Location Management allows you to modify/extend/customize the asset locations and locations types.


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RSR for site Implementation

RSR for Site Implementation allows you to process Relay Setting Requests (together with SWM module group).


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Protection Testing

Protection Testing allows you to manage your relay test files, either as copy of pre-defined templates, or as archive of test documents executed outside of IPS-ENERGY™ environment.


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Test Template Management

Test Template Management allows you to define test templates and assign them to given relay models.


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Protection Modeling

Protection Modeling allows you to manage relay models and patterns (I.e. list of parameters for a given relay type).


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