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DataAnalysis, Diagnostics andAssetManagement Decision Intelligence
Data Analysis, Diagnostics and
Asset Management Decision Intelligence
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Sales Package Overview:
IPS-SmartGrid™ Core
Universal Interfacing and Data Intelligence
IPS-SmartGrid™ Executive
Data Analytics and Asset Health Diagnostic
IPS-SmartGrid™ Enterprise
Information Intelligence Publishing and Presentation
Facility Data
Offine data (Maintenance data, measures...)
Other IT-Data
Online Data (GIS, SAP, ...)
3rd party software like SAP, GIS,
SCADA, Monitoring, etc.
Decision Intelligence - Centralize, analyze, optimize and publish data
integrates all IPS-Enterprise Asset Management parts together and offers
advanced analysis and information management in helping Asset Management Decision Intelligence.
This solution can be integrated as a modular or standalone solution available in the following editions: