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IPS-SmartGridDI™ Executive
IPS-SmartGridDI™ Executive
is an update to
IPS-SmartGridDI™ Core
Edition and provides the
additional advanced
module group. With this module group it is possible to
make automatic analysis of your (technical- and/or asset-) data and to execute health diagnostics
of your assets - specialized analytics for Electrical Power System Assets.
IPS-SmartGridDI™ Executive
Edition offers solutions for:
• Asset Management Decision support
• Built-in analysis for Power System Assets
• Risk management analysis
• Condition vs. importance analysis
• Automatic analysis of your technical data
• Automatic execution of standard and complex analysis
• Fast diagnostic of your assets with easy
to understand results
• Customized data analysis
• Customized asset diagnostics
• Trend analyses
• Transformer diagnostics with DGA, CPA, electrical test,
TG Delta, etc. analysis
IPS-SmartGridDI™ Executive HIGHLIGHTS:
• Built-in asset decision intelligence
• Central analysis for Enterprise Asset Management
• Start reliable analysis of your data (on demand or scheduled)
• Reporting of your assets and life-cycle calculation with
just one mouse-click
• Execute complex diagnostics of an asset or
of more than one at the same time
• Use simple or complex mathematic methods of diagnostics
or create your own diagnostic algorithm within our
user-friendly GUI
• Set required parameters for your analysis or
choose IPS-delivered analysis methods
• DGA, MDI, Duval-Method and many more are already
included and ready to use
• Built-in advanced transformer diagnostics
• Built-in condition / importance diagnostics
Included Module Groups:
• DI-Administration
IPS-SmartGridDI™ Executive
Data Analytics and Asset Health Diagnostic
Central Enterprise Asset Management Analytics
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