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IPS-SmartGridDI™ Enterprise
IPS-SmartGridDI™ Enterprise
is an upgrade to
IPS-SmartGridDI™ Executive
Edition. With
IPS-SmartGridDI™ Enterprise
Edition you get an advanced confgurable publisher to have all
your monitored data, actions and analysis at a glance.
IPS-SmartGridDI™ Enterprise
is a fundamen-
tal part of IPS-Enterprise Asset Management Solution.
is also
available as
(Dashboard without Analysis-portlets).
IPS-SmartGridDI™ Enterprise
includes the following solutions:
• Confgurable web-based Publisher
• Advanced data publisher for
• Customized information of all requested or critical data
• Multi-platform data overview at a glance
• Critical data overview in real time
• Help decision makers - Decision Intelligence
• Data publishing whenever or wherever you want
• User dependent dashboards, e.g. CEO cockpit
• Presenting of advanced analysis
• Chart-, diagram-, result-tables
• View reports from IPS-ENERGY™ via Web
IPS-SmartGridDI™ Enterprise HIGHLIGHTS:
• Standalone or as part of IPS-SYSTEMS™ to Enterprise Asset Management
• Built-in web-based information panels (Dashboards)
• Customizable dashboard with all relevant data
• Observe data characteristics and analysis results
• Make the right decision through having the right information
• See the life-cycle of your assets in real time
• All critical data and assets on just one screen
• See only the data you need with predefned views
• Use your personal dashboard wherever and whenever
you need it - platform independent
• Get notifcations when one of your
important data has changed
• DI-PUBLISHER™ also available as
(Dashboard without Analysis-portlets)
Included Module Groups:
• DI-Administration
IPS-SmartGridDI™ Enterprise
Information Intelligence Publishing and Presentation
Enterprise Asset Management Decision Intelligence
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