Manage your assets better with
the right plan.

The product can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud and offers comprehensive types, models, and analytical libraries shared across the entire customer base. The modular design of the software allows you to create the package based on your needs.



This is the basic business model for the installation of IPS®SYSTEMS. All Hardware and Software are installed on-site at the customer location. The customer is responsible for providing all infrastructure and support for the setup of the database and the installation of the delivered (basic configuration included) software.



Subscription-based software relates to a monthly or annual licencing model, allowing users to pay a per user fee.
It includes software licenses, access to support services, and new versions of the software as they are released.


Cloud (SaaS)

World-leading technology for Asset Performance Management is also available online. Specialized software solution for electrical power systems is accessible as a cloud service.



Server License

Control what functionality will be available in your IPS System.


Client License

For everyone that will be using IPS System (concurrent, named, licenses…).


Usage License

This license defines the maximum number of trigger services, analyses, publishing services, or data connections to external sources.



IPS Pricing - High Level User

High Level User

CEOs and Top-Level Managers, can view dashboards and has overview geo-location map, system health monitors, MDI Charts, other chars of interests

IPS Pricing - Power User

Power User

Application Engineers and Higher Managers can view dashboards in details of data performance and maintenance analysis. They can receive notifications and request as well as execute work order for immediate action & decision making.

IPS Pricing - Executive Team

Executive Team

Application Engineers and Executive team are system configurators. They can create locations/assets, plans, work orders, analytics, and dashboards.

IPS Pricing - ICT Manager

ICT Manager

Admins, IT Specialists and Analytics Experts. Have Full-User Rights. Can set up IPS System, edit and manage IPS soft coded configuration, create data sources and portlets.

IPS Pricing - Field User

Field User

Domain Engineers and electrician staff, executing work orders, actions, and tasks on the field. Collect various information from the field, and ad-hoc actions and tasks if necessary.


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