IPS-Energy™ ISMS

Information Security Management System for Electrical Power Systems

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Information Security Management System for Power Grid Assets

IPS-ENERGY™ ISMS is the only software that truly addresses the need of an information security management system for power grid assets. This Edition is part of the modular database system IPS-ENERGY™ which is our solution for asset and maintenance management.

IPS-ENERGY™ ISMS can be used as a standalone application, or integrated with other ERP Systems (SAP, MAXIMO, etc.)

What exactly does IPS-ENERGY™ ISMS for ISMS purposes?

IPS-ENERGY™ ISMS offers solutions for:


  1. First, IPS-ENERGY™ ISMS identifies all Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), which are relevant for the information security management.
  2. The operator can then easily determine and access (and this is the primary advantage that comes with IPS-ENERGY™ ISMS):
    • All assets in the scope of ISMS
    • Associated attributes of these assets and possible subcomponents such as IP-address(es), MAC-address, licencing information, firmware release, detailed protection parameters, etc.
    • History information
  3. Several IPS-ENERGY™ module groups provide support for ISMS:
    • Administration – highly selective assignment of access rights and visibility
    • Audit Trail – documents in detail the changes made to the database -> non-repudiation
    • Workflow and Configuration Management – supporting the PDCA (Plan/Do/Check/Act) Policy propagated by ISMS
  • ISMS related Asset register database
  • Upgrading your existing asset database with ISMS-related intelligence
  • ISMS asset type documentation management
  • Location data and malfunction management inclusive statistics
  • Management of repair processes for ISMS devices
  • Management of asset changing location process for ISMS devices (IEDs)
  • Management of discarded assets for ISMS devices
  • Easy to integrate with other systems, and easy to install and start working
  • Available as purchased software, or as ISMS safe Cloud solution for moderate monthly payments
  • Configuration management for IEDs, including configuration history
  • Data Access Management for ISMS assets like IEDs, Protective Relays, RTU, etc.
  • Firmware management for IEDs
  • Credentials management
  • Inscription of the data in the data base
  • SAP and MAXIMO Interface
  • Easy maintenance of data changing
  • Audit trail functionality
  • Network and connectivity data management
  • Update and upgrade management for software
  • License management






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