Data Intelligence and Asset Diagnostic

IPS®SmartGridDI is your access to comprehensive Technical data Analysis and Asset Diagnostic solution. Machine learning, advanced analytics and diagnostics combined into a powerful tool simplifies assets monitoring of the critical assets across entire enterprise.

Asset condition analysis

Decision-Making Intelligence

Important data always on sight

Live notification of critical data and changes

Built-on interfaces to almost every data source

Fully customizable dashboards

Make Advanced Analytics
Work for You

To know what will happen in the future puts power in your hands. Predict potential failures, inspect asset health, and optimize your assets to save time and resources by taking right actions at the right time.

IPS®SmartGridDI Overview

IPS®SmartGridDI allows you to configure imports, exports, and transfers from almost every open data source such as SCADA, GIS, ERP (Maximo, SAP), and many more. With numerous built-in actions, you can set up live alerts for desktop, email, SMS… It has already built-in data drivers for standard databases. It offers Asset Management Decision Support based on machine learning, as well as risk management analysis. With advanced functions, you can run an automatic analysis of your technical data and execution of standard and complex analysis.

Within IPS®SmartGridDI you can run information intelligence publishing and presentation, and asset performance management decision intelligence. It includes configurable advanced web-based data publisher, real-time critical data overview, and many other functionalities.

Built-in asset decision intelligence

Execute complex diagnostics of one or more assets at the same time

User friendly GUI for creating personalized diagnostic algorithms

Already built-in interfaces to various standard data sources

Native actions to generate various triggers like email notifications, automatic import/export, etc.

SQL-Server IPS®SmartGridDI data base

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Bring your asset analytics to the next level!

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