Given the capability of IPS®SYSTEMS to manage Network Topology and relationship with translation to Asset Management Hierarchy, IPS Outage Management solution provides powerful ability and intelligence to plan and manage system outages to optimise the benefits, costs and risks of your Asset Replacement, Refurbishment, Augmentation, and Maintenance Programs.


Outage Management

Outage Overview

The Outage Overview module is the central repository of Planned, Unplanned, and Forced outages on a particular asset (or location, part of the network).

This data can be filtered by any attribute and used for centralized reporting

Each outage record specifies the root cause or type of outage, as well as the expected losses.

These outage records can be created automatically through interfaces with systems such as SCADA, IPS Mobile outage reporting application, etc.

The outage is linked to the network topology, providing the ability to take advantage of needed outages to coordinate other work that may need to be done in the same equipment zone.

Outage Request

The Outage Request module gives an overview about events for requesting planned or maintenance outages, as well as tracking responsibilities for executing the outage task.

Outage Planning

The Outage Planning module supports the outage planning process by containing the list of outage plans. These plans can be scheduled on a reoccurring basis (Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, etc.).

Each outage plan contains a list of planned outages and each planned outage is assigned to an outage request.

o The entire process for planned outages from requesting, to planning, to approval is supported within a business process workflow
– There is a direct connection between IPS®Outage Management and IPS®Business Process Management. In this way, outage, outage request, outage plan, and the planned outage will relate to other associated objects like
– Business process will have an associated workflow which will streamline and simplify the entire execution. Workflows are easily customizable (configuration) and include multiple types and classes


CURRENT SOLUTION has disconnected solutions for Maintenance and Outage Management.
IPS SOLUTION provides an integrated solution to streamline the maintenance strategy by coordinating maintenance activities under the same outage.
CURRENT SOLUTION requires manual approval process for planned outages.
IPS SOLUTION provides the ability to automatically create outage requests and route them for approval based off the maintenance work plan and tracked with a process workflow.


Server Licensing (Functionality installed on Server)

IPS®ENERGY Enterprise

(Work Ordering, Planning, Scheduling)


(Business Process Management)


(Network Topology Management)



(Power System Fault Management) (For tracking event data on Forced Outages)

IPS®SmartGridDI Enterprise

(including IPS®DI Spy, IPS®DI Actions, IPS®DI Analysis, IPS®DI Publisher, IPS®DI Administration)

This solution can be combined with any or all of the other IPS Solutions