Highly-intelligent Asset and Configuration Management for Protective Relays and IEDs for high level of power system security, reliability and flexibility


of Protective Relays and IED Management

Setting and Configuration Management

Based on detailed, manufacturer specific data models at individual parameter levels.

Setting and Configuration Lifecycle

Protective Relays & IED Management supports data management throughout setting and configuration lifecycle from the time of the initial request for their change, through development, approval and commissioning process, to its final verification.

Setting Workflow Management (SWM)

Allows you to administer all activities related to relay settings by utilizing a three-tiered structure, System Change Notification (i.e. description of any event or situation that may result in the modification of one or more relay settings), Global Setting Requests (affecting several physical relays), and Relay Setting Requests (affecting one single physical relay). Each level has its own workflow – the workflow for Global Setting Request (GSR) is fully customizable. (Note: This section applies to any configurable item, not just relays.)

Wide Area Protection Coordination (WAPC) study

Protective relay settings information is exchanged with third party settings calculation tools together with a network model. This is the base and precondition for any Wide Area Protection Coordination (WAPC) study. Resulting in a settings change request from the WAPC study that can be sent back to IPS maintenance management process and distributed to protection maintenance teams for their commissioning.

Master Library

The IPS library of complex data models represents the world’s largest protection and IED master type library. It is constantly growing and delivered to all IPS customers.


CURRENT SOLUTION presents difficulties in efficient relay settings management.
IPS SOLUTION offers a world leading relay setting management.
CURRENT SOLUTION struggles to address the vast amount of data and numbers of parameters of digital relays.
IPS SOLUTION the world’s largest shared relay model library which is continuously upgraded for all IPS Customers.
CURRENT SOLUTION only allows manual data entry of relay settings.
IPS SOLUTION reading the settings directly from the relay settings file and importing into the system.
CURRENT SOLUTION struggles with data consistency and accuracy related to setting lifecycle activities across different departments.
IPS SOLUTION central repository for relay data settings and test information.
CURRENT SOLUTION struggles meeting regulatory requirements like traceability, reporting ability, etc.
IPS SOLUTION Business Process Management, allowing you to track the processes needed to comply with regulatory requirements like NERC PRC-005 and ISMS.
CURRENT SOLUTION presents difficulties in finding manufacturing neutral or independent relay settings data models. Current solution also presents problems with the dependency of the setting data models related to manufacturer, type, model, firm ware.
IPS SOLUTION offers the world’s largest interface collection for relay setting import.
CURRENT SOLUTION has no interface between settings management and settings calculation software like CAPE, SINCAL, ASPEN, etc.
IPS SOLUTION offers configurable exchange of topology, relay, and setting information with CAPE, SINCAL, ASPEN, etc.
CURRENT SOLUTION is not capable of managing different technologies and generations of protective relays.
IPS SOLUTION offers a system which manages all technologies and all generations of the protective relays.
CURRENT SOLUTION struggles with data consistency and accuracy of relay management using only native settings files.
IPS SOLUTION Relay Settings Management process substantially increases the accuracy of the relay settings information.
CURRENT SOLUTION does not allow automated relay testing.
IPS SOLUTION offers the ability to automate protective relay setting testing by utilizing OMICRON Testing technology.
CURRENT SOLUTION faces challenges searching for specific relay settings across your relay installations.
IPS SOLUTION a system that globally manages over one million protective relays with over one billion setting parameters.



IPS®RELEX Relay Expert

– Protection Explorer

– Protection Type Library

– Location Management

– RSR for Site Implementation (option coming with IPS®SWM server license)

– Protection Testing

– Test Template Management

– Protection Modelling

IPS®PSM Professional Setting Management

– Base Setting Management

– Inter-Relay Parameter Viewer

– Data Viewer


– User Management

– Report Management

– Audit Trail

IPS®EPIS Executive

Asset Management

Maintenance Concept

– Maintenance Concept Definition

– Commissioning Concept Definition

– Action Template Workflow Definition

Work Execution

– Asset View

– Location View

– Action Group View

– Action Overview

– Notification Overview

IPS®EPIS Enterprise


Work Ordering

– Work Order View

– Scheduling

Maintenance Analysis

– Maintenance Evaluation

– Maintenance Improvements

Optional Modules:


Setting Workflow Management (Workflow and Process Definition)


Power System Fault Management (Fault, Protection Operation, COMTRADE files and Event management)


(Integration with CAPE on the level of Neutral Interface)


Topology Manager (acting as a network model client for IPS®NMM )

IPS®CAPE Bridge+

(Extended integration with CAPE based on CIM data exchange)


Maintenance Resource Intelligence (Definition of Resource Requirements)

IPS®Enterprise Report Studio

(Customer specific report design)

IPS®Calculation Studio

(Customer specific calculations)

This solution can be combined with any or all of the other IPS Solutions