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IPS-ENERGY™ Enterprise
IPS-ENERGY™ Enterprise
is an extension of our
IPS-ENERGY™ Executive
Edition with the
Module Groups Maintenance Planning and Work Ordering. This edition is our comprehensive
product for planning, analysis and evaluation of maintenance and work ordering management,
which can be used as standalone or as an addition of existing ERP systems. This edition is a
requirement for any interfacing with ERP systems and builds the fundaments of the
IPS-Enterprise Asset Management Solution.
IPS-ENERGY™ Enterprise
includes all functionalites from
IPS-ENERGY™ Executive
plus the
following solutions for:
• Operational planning (time-, condition- or logic-based)
• Plan execution supervision
• Work ordering (standalone or interaction with ERP)
• Work order management
• Maintenance improvement management
• Maintenance accomplishment evaluation
• Analysis of the maintenance performance
• Maintenance scheduling and asset replacement planning
• Resource planning (fnancial or quantity)
• Work force management
• Creation of maintenance outage blocks
• Standalone or as an improvement and support for generic EAM-Solutions
• Effcient technical operational planning, through the use of an
intelligent and user-friendly planning wizard
• Supervision and reporting of the maintenance performance:
Planned - not executed
Planned - executed
Not planned - but executed
• Support of the work force management process
• Documentation of the process improvements
• Generation of work packages, including assignment
of internal and external work orders
• Resource requirement planning
• Automatic conditional planning
• Planning of resource requirements
• Grouping of maintenance actions per outage
Included Module Groups:
• Asset Management
• Maintenance Concept
• Planning
• Work Ordering
• Work Execution
• Maintenance Analysis
• Administration
IPS-ENERGY™ Enterprise
Advanced Time-, Condition- or Logic-based
Maintenance Planning and Work Ordering
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