Module Group Overview

IPS® Maintenance Resource Intelligence

IPS®MRI Module allows you to define and administrate all resources (material and personal) and all charges that may later be attached to maintenance activities. This is defining a pool of resource types that can later be mapped to maintenance actions.

The major benefit is a clear and complete definition of nominal resource usage which can then be compared with the actual usage.

Module Overview

IPS®MRI module group consist of two modules

  • Resource Type Library: allows you to freely define various categories of resources (materials, personnel, spare parts, test equipment, etc.) you want to manage within IPS®ENERGY and
  • MRI Charge Type: allows you to freely define all other tracked costs such as travel time, etc.

Resources defined within this module group can be assigned to any maintenance/commissioning action within the Maintenance Concept module group. This defines the nominal state of resource usage.

Within the Work Execution module group, it is possible to enter the actual use of any pre-defined resource or charge which can then be compared with the estimated usage.

All pre-defined resources and charges can also be seen within the Planning and Work Ordering module groups.