Technical Asset and Maintenance Data Management

IPS®ENERGY is an advanced software solution specialized for electrical power utilities. It is a cutting-edge solution specially developed for technical asset data and maintenance management. With broad range of additional modules, you can tailor the solution based on your needs and requirements.

IPS®ENERGY Evaluation

Maintenance accomplishment evaluation

IPS®ENERGY Documentation

Documentation of the process improvements


Support of the work force management process

IPS®ENERGY Presenting of planned costs and resource spending

Presenting of planned costs and resource spending

IPS®ENERGY Includes activities history

Includes activities history

IPS®ENERGY Google Maps Interfac

Google Maps Interface


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IPS®ENERGY is minimal requirements for Enterprise Asset Management Solution and it can be used standalone or integrated with other ERP solutions such as SAP, MAXIMO, etc. It includes world’s largest asset library available on electrical power utilities and it is expandable by customer. Within Core edition you will have a mobile access to technical data documentation, statistical functionality of comprehensive asset management.

IPS®ENERGY is compatible with all required standards such as PAS55, NERC and it includes complete VDE 0109 process mapping. It provides an advanced asset management maintenance concept definition combined with an advanced solution for the mobile execution and reporting of maintenance and commissioning.

It enables the implementation of a consistent and optimized maintenance strategy. Through the flexibility and intelligence of the system, any maintenance strategy can be presented in the strategy tree. Reduce time with predefined action templates, increase efficiency with traffic light functions and automatic notifications, including follow-up actions. Maintenance measures based on VDE0109-2 are pre-implemented. With IPS®ENERGY You can run efficient technical operational planning using an intelligent and user-friendly planning wizard.

IPS®ENERGY Technical Inteligence

Add technical intelligence to your existing asset database

IPS®ENERGY Complex formula usage

Complex formula usage

IPS®ENERGY Technical data Quality

Increased technical data quality

IPS®ENERGY Technical Planning

Resource planning (financial or quantity)

IPS®ENERGY Automatic conditional planning

Automatic conditional planning

IPS®ENERGY Analysis of the maintenance performance

Analysis of the maintenance performance

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