Module Group Overview

IPS® Business Process Management

IPS® Business Process Management Module provides business process functionality. It is a complete custom entity within IPS®ENERGY and can be customized for users’ own usage. When the Work Process Template has been created all workflows through the organization are standardized and automated. It can represent various real-life business processes like:

  • Planning and plan approval process
  • Asset Management Plan
  • Commissioning Process
  • Contractor approval process
  • Other high-level objects in IPS-ENERGY®
  • And many more.

Module Overview

Business Processes define who needs to do what at each point of the Work Process. When one completes the task, the next actor in the process is notified automatically of any required action.

With IPS®BMP you can create a detailed record of actions and events that can be used to create informative, insightful reports that allow you to:

  • Analyze workflows
  • Identify current infrastructure status,
  • Identify opportunities for service and process improvement.