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IPS-EPIS™ Basic |
Included Module Groups
Protective Relay Data, Testing and Setting Management
(more detailed information in chapter “IPS-Module Groups“)
• Relay data management
• Relay setting management
• Location management
• Protection type management
• Protection device documentation management
• Location data management
• Power system data management
• Management of the test template library
• Protection testing management
• Management of test documents and test results
• Assignment of test templates to relay models
• Test instruction management
• Management of relay setting data models
• XRIO-Management
• Model generator
• Model checking
• Import setting via relay fles
• Firmware checking
IPS-PSM™ - Professional Setting Management
(more detailed information in chapter “IPS-Module Groups“)
• Fast overview about all relays and
their settings in the network
• Creation and management of location
independent parameters:
Base parameter sets
Base parameter templates
• Management of protection functions
• Management of grading diagrams
• Display and monitoring of specifc settings,
over the complete relay setting database
• Fast sorting and displaying of key data about
relay settings
• Inter Relay Parameter Viewer
(searching values cross over all relays)
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