Optimization of IPS-SYSTEMS™ usage for Jerusalem District Electricity Company (JDECO)

Our colleagues Raad Barrouq and Mohamed Shafik held a training for our customer JDECO in Amman in order for them to get to know their recently upgraded System.

The main intention was to increase understanding within different areas of our Software (IPS™-Asset Management, IPS™-Maintenance Concept, IPS™-Planning, IPS™-Work Ordering, IPS™-Work Execution, IPS™-Maintenance Analysis, IPS-Calculation Studio™, IPS-RELEX™, IPS-PSM™, IPS-PSFM™, IPS-SWM™, Administration, IPS-MobApp™).
The onsite training/workshop aimed to transfer knowledge to our longtime customer JDECO on how to use different modules in IPS-SYSTEMS™ in order to optimize their usage of different modules in IPS-SYSTEMS™ which they already had a license for and to teach JDECO how to use protection management system in IPS-SYSTEMS™ (IPS-RELEX™, IPS-PSM™, IPS-PSFM™, IPS-SWM™) and to guide JDECO on the implementation process of JDECO’s protection devices data in IPS-SYSTEMS™ and to guide them about the field data collection. Additionally, the IPS-Team introduced the steps from the planning of maintenance actions to executing them IPS-SYSTEMS™.