IPS-SWM™ (Setting Workflow Management)

Module Group Overview

This module group, SWM stands for Setting Workflow Management, allows you to administrate all activities related to relay settings. This is structured in three levels, System Change Notification (i.e. description of any event in your event that may lead to modify one or more relay settings), Global Setting Requests (affecting several physical relays), and Relay Setting Requests (affecting one single physical relay). Each level has its own workflow – the workflow for Global Setting Request (GSR) is fully customizable. Major benefits are an all-rounded solution for treating relay settings through properly controlled workflows.

System Change Notifications

System Change Notifications allows you to structure relay setting requests in three levels.


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Workflow Definition


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Document Template Definition

Document Template Definition allows you to integrate any document that should be used during execution of workflow.


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RSR Overview

RSR Overview gives list and status information for all relay setting request records created in IPS-ENERGY™ database.


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Project Manager

Project Manager allows you to define project and project stages. This data can later be referenced in relay setting requests.


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