Smart Way to Put
Your Assets to Work

with IPS® Advance Scheduling Module.


IPS® Advanced Scheduling Module is a new, web-based application developed to simplify work scheduling and dynamically plan and assign work based on the availability of resources. Master the optimization of time and costs, decrease the number of outages throughout the year, and boost usage of available human, material, and inventory resources. It’s a flexible application with a significant focus on security that can be used as a standalone or with other ERP systems.  IPS®ASM is an automated process, that gives proposals, and recommendations, taking into account asset health, dynamic cycles with priority calculations budget constraints, outages, etc.

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Faster Scheduling with
Artificial Intelligence

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Smarter Resources

IPS® Experts have developed a solution that helps bypass many challenges when it comes to scheduling. Advanced functionalities within IPS®ASM are combining optimization of human resources, inventory, and materials within one application. The most significant advantage lies in a cooperative environment that allows everyone to work from the same schedule. All capacities are easily optimized, downtimes are reduced, and valuable resources are saved.

IPS®ASM Modules


Scheduling Module

The main module of the IPS® Advanced Scheduling Module application is used to overview, plan and schedule actions, create assignments, define constraints, etc.


Human Resources

The module contains powerful features for human resource management (absence and shift management), team management, managing companies, and external contractors’ data.


Inventory Module

This module is designed for advanced inventory management (inventory Item overview, scheduling, and availability calculation).

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Materials Module is used to overview the list of materials and their availability, as well as a list of stocks and distribution of materials per stock.

Manage and Optimize your proceses

Optimize planning and scheduling of your resources in smart and intelligent way. Schedule a 60-minutes free demo with IPS® Experts and learn, how your company can use IPS®ASM!