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IPS Energy - Asset Performance Management (APM)

IPS Asset Performance capability is world-leading, with highly advanced software and analytics, designed to help our customers to optimize the performance of their assets.

It is a proven fast track to lower costs and better efficiency.


Asset Performance Management (APM) - 24-hours-03-50x50

Improve asset availability

Asset Performance Management (APM) - Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Asset Performance Management (APM) - Extend asset lifetime

Extend asset lifetime

How are we different?


For the last 17 years, we have continually delivered exceptional applications specially developed for electrical power systems. IPS is a leading provider of EAM, APM and Mobile software solution for global energy supply.

Our global know-how, proven methodologies and skilled software developers’ expertise help us excel in delivering cutting-edge solutions for various customer needs. We are working on end-to-end solutions development on APM, EAM, Outage management, and other special applications for electrical power systems.

IPS is committed to overall experience, flexibility, understanding of the customer needs and adapting to fast-changing market needs. This commitment drives us to offer more than just a software for asset management. We offer a solution, which uses data management, predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve assets availability and efficiency, reducing operational costs and risks.


Managing risks is not only important to reduce costs and unplanned downtime by predicting asset-related incidents, but using it to balance operational performance of the asset against the asset life-cycle cost. Use the risk management to prioritize future investment, increase availability and ensure that critical assets and systems are monitored and protected from emerging threats.


Using advanced AI, IPS can predict failure by monitoring an unlimited number of assets and provide an early warning of asset failure and increased risk of asset failure. Advanced algorithms used for prediction allows customers to eliminate unnecessary inspection and maintenance regimes, and time-consuming, expensive manual monitoring of asset performance.


Optimize the profit generated by your assets through their lifecycle. Through solution such as IPS®APM, businesses are able to better understand the lifecycle of each asset. Software can eventually assist owners to make better decisions, maximize the efficiency of equipment and reduce spending costs and maintenance.


IPS®AIP is a part of the IPS extensive portfolio. Enhance complex, longer-term tactical and strategic decisions relating to the CAPEX/OPEX budget allocations and overall asset management planning. Leverage asset data sourced from the APM system to predict the current and future performance of the asset base over a predefined horizon.


Up-to-date asset inventory management should be the basis of every asset-intensive organization. With a proactive and automated approach, enterprises can maintain an up-to-date asset inventory that is accessible and accurate. Make tracking of your asset lifecycle simpler and more accessible with IPS®Inventory Management.


IPS has the world’s largest specialized analytics library for electrical power systems available on the market, which we are constantly improving, extending, and sharing with our customers.


Our highly-effective APM Solution is driven by analytics and rooted in the business work process. IPS®SmartGridDI is a data intelligence solution, fully integrated into IPS®APM and developed to ensure the collection of information and monitoring of data across the entire enterprise. It supports optimized Maintenance and Asset Planning based on advanced analytics and dynamic maintenance concepts. It provides embedded predictive analytics for your entire asset portfolio.

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IPS®SYSTEMS are distinguished by modular design. Customers can add individual module groups according to functional requirements and perform the gradual implementation of the system – starting with basics and implementing full functionality step by step.


Minimum Requirement for Asset Performance Management. Within the Core edition, you will have mobile access to technical data documentation, statistical functionality of comprehensive asset management.


It is your access to Technical Data Analysis and Asset Diagnostic solutions. Machine learning, analytics, and diagnostics combined into a powerful tool simplify assets monitoring of the critical assets across the enterprise.


Leading-edge web platform to manage all Asset Operations and optimize their performance! IPS®LUNA is a new version web-based platform of IPS®ENERGY, built using advanced web technologies.

IPS®Calculation Studio

With IPS®Calculation studio, you can define and use your formulas. It is a scripting engine that uses the Microsoft C# language and implements configurable functions.

IPS®Maintenance Resource Intelligence

IPS®MRI module allows you to define and administrate all resources (material and personal) and all charges that may later be attached to maintenance activities.

IPS®Business Process Management

IPS®Business Process Management Module provides business process functionality. It is a complete custom entity within IPS®ENERGY and can be customized for users’ own usage.

IPS®Reliability Centered Maintenance

IPS®RCM module ensures cost-effective and reliable operations of your technological assets. This is accomplished by applying maintenance strategies that focus on the most essential functions of the equipment, and their position in the grid.

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