Comprehensive Management of all Assets in the Power System over entire Asset Lifecycles (stand-alone EAM system or integrated with ERP/EAM systems such as SAP, Maximo etc.).


of Enterprise Asset Management

Powerful Planning


The Planning module group allows you to easily create operative plans, assign actions to plans, and run reports about planning activities.

Major benefits:

Cost savings gained by accurate planning of maintenance and/or commissioning actions; by the simplified use of the planning wizard; by effective management of action responses (new actions created automatically by the system based off configurable logic); and the efficiency of plan optimization.

Work Ordering and Scheduling


The Work Ordering module group allows you to create work packages by assigning actions to internal or external work orders, to manage action responses, and run reports about work ordering.

Major benefits:

Cost savings gained by effective work scheduling and control (optional comparison between nominal & actual use of resources).

Technical Documentation


Technical Documentation now available online.

Major benefits:

Always make sure that you have the most recent user documentation. Soon you will also be able to access an online knowledgebase with “How To” videos and FAQs.

Location Change Management


Track and document any change to the location of an asset, such as installation, replacement, or retirement to name a few.

Major benefits:

Configurable action types allow you to record any applicable reason for changing locations, while at the same time changing the status and automatically reassigning any assigned (linked) assets at the same time.

Malfunction and Repair Management


Track and document all malfunctions and repairs to each asset. Create separately or add as a conditional task to any maintenance or inspection action.

Major benefits:

Track malfunctions and repairs to later be used for trending and analytics. Identify candidate assets for early replacement.

Asset Discard Management


Track and document assets that have been removed from the system but not deleted from the Database.

Major benefits:

For any asset that has been removed from the system, maintain the historical record for these assets and allow the asset to be reinstated.

Resource Requirement Management


For any action template, track all estimated resources, labor and nonlabor, needed to complete the work.

Major benefits:

The ability to compare estimated vs actual costs for your maintenance activities as well as more accurate OPEX and CAPEX optimization.

Standards and Certification

Compatible with PAS55 and ISO55000. Since 2008, IPS®ENERGY has been the only fully certified EAM system for German EAM and maintenance standard for electrical utilities VDE0109.

Enhancements for other EAM systems

Enhancements for SAP PM users, MAXIMO users, Asset Suite users, Ellipse users, Oracle WAM users, etc.

Master Analytical Library

IPS has the largest specialized analytics library for electrical power systems available on the market. This library is constantly being improved, extended, and shared with our customers.

External Data Integration

Bridge to various systems (e.g. EAM/ERP System, SCADA, Monitoring, GIS, PI Historian)


IPS®ENERGY ISMS is the only software solution that truly addresses the need for an information security management system for power grid assets.

IPS®ENERGY ISMS can be used standalone or integrated with other ERP Systems (SAP, MAXIMO, etc.).


CURRENT SOLUTION is lacking sufficient relational Data Models for Power System Assets.
IPS SOLUTION enhances any existing EAM (for e.g. SAP, MAXIMO, etc.) by bridging the gap with additional functionality and enhanced data models (for e.g. management for windings on transformers, configurations on IEDs, and linear Assets like overhead lines and power cables).
CURRENT SOLUTION schedules maintenance based solely on outdated time-based maintenance cycles.
IPS SOLUTION provides you with the ability to define maintenance cycles based on any combination of desired values, such as time, condition, risk value, or RCM Methodology.
CURRENT SOLUTION does not provide analytical optimization of the maintenance plan.
IPS SOLUTION uses advanced analytics to suggest improvements to your maintenance plan, such as removing maintenance actions for assets scheduled for replacement and replacing major maintenance actions with minor actions for assets in excellent health.
CURRENT SOLUTION does not provide adequate type library management.
IPS SOLUTION provides one of the most extensive master type libraries in the world, updated several times per year.
CURRENT SOLUTION does not effectively support total cost reduction of maintenance and asset management.
IPS SOLUTION can help to reduce and control your maintenance costs through outage and maintenance optimization.
CURRENT SOLUTION does not provide adequate management of linear assets including lines and cables and their topological connectivity.
IPS SOLUTION provides a unique and detailed data model for linear assets and the ability to define, track, and display the topological connectivity.
CURRENT SOLUTION does not define maintenance and commissioning concepts with advanced data models.
IPS SOLUTION provides you with the ability to define complex maintenance and commissioning concepts with industry specific task types such as malfunction management, primary tests, and trip control circuits, to name a few.
CURRENT SOLUTION for asset management is not integrated with advanced analytics.
IPS SOLUTION can provide an EAM that is fully integrated with IPS advanced analytics.
CURRENT SOLUTION can not define resource requirements for future planning.
IPS SOLUTION allows you to define both labor and non labor resources for each maintenance and commissioning concept, allowing you to roll up resource requirements by action, work order, or plan.
CURRENT SOLUTION does not efficiently balance the time required for incident and outage management.
IPS SOLUTION can calculate your outage requirements based on planned maintenance activities and optimize the outages by moving related activities into the same outage window.
CURRENT SOLUTION does not automate follow-up activities based on root cause analysis (what if).
IPS SOLUTION can automate follow-up activities with machine learning technology.
CURRENT SOLUTION makes it challenging to query data about your asset fleet.
IPS SOLUTION provides powerful tools to filter, sort, and report on all data in the system. With SmartGridDITM dashboards, IPS can provide the ability to do this with other data sources as well.
CURRENT SOLUTION is falling behind on functionality. Current business needs require better tools and more qualified resources to better support the user.
IPS SOLUTION provides continuous improvements to existing functionality and enhanced new functionality to the IPS-SYSTEMSTM application suite with new service releases several times per year and new major releases every twelve to eighteen months.
CURRENT SOLUTION creates Difficulties in modelling various IED intelligent electronic devices and their configurations (e.g. protective relays.
IPS SOLUTION offers some of the most advanced modeling capabilities in the industry, along with easy and advanced interfacing based on the latest web service technology.
CURRENT SOLUTION faces difficulties in user acceptance because of generic, non-specialized asset management.
IPS SOLUTION IPS-EnergyTM is targeted and built specifically to address the needs of the Electric Power Industry.
CURRENT SOLUTION provides little support in meeting regulatory compliance requirements.
IPS SOLUTION provides a Business Process Management module group that allows the user to Define, Track, and Report on company defined business processes to support regulatory needs and improve compliance..
CURRENT SOLUTION has difficulties providing accurate, complete, and timely data to other systems.
IPS SOLUTION can coordinate standardized yet configurable interfaces with major EAMs like SAP, MAXIMO, ELLIPSE, Asset Suite, etc. IPS also provides interfaces for test result imports for all major test device manufacturers like OMICRON, Doble, Vanguard, ELCON, etc.
CURRENT SOLUTION does not support the data management and investigations of system event.
IPS SOLUTION delivers advanced Power System Fault Management.


Server Licensing (Functionality installed on Server)



(Asset register)


IPS®ENERGY Executive

(for Test and Maintenance Results Repository)


IPS®ENERGY Enterprise

(Only if Work Ordering or Interfacing with ERP system is required)


IPS®Enterprise Report Studio

(Customer specific report design)


Maintenance Resource Intelligence (Definition of Resource Requirements)

IPS®Calculation Studio

(Customer specific calculations)


Business Process Management (Workflow and Process Definition)

This solution can be combined with any or all of the other IPS Solutions

** If any one of the above mentioned licenses is already in use, there is no need to purchase this one. Only missing modules (licenses) need to be purchased.

Minimum one IPS®ENERGY Core License for configuration and usage of IPS®ENERGY Core, Executive and Enterprise Editions.

IPS®ENERGY Field User License for reduced Field User Functionality.