Intelligent technologies for more efficient asset management.

IPS® provides a robust and reliable system for managing highly complex systems for power generation and utilities. IPS®EAM is a core solution where organization can efficiently maintain, control, and analyze their physical assets and infrastructure for the duration of the complete phases of the asset lifecycle.


IPS®SYSTEMS offers a combination of software and services for efficient maintenance and control of assets and equipment in the power utility industry. Optimize the quality and use of assets through their lifecycle, reduce unnecessary downtimes and save valuable resources.


Increase uptime


Standalone or integrated


Expandable master analytical library

IPS® Enterprise Asset Management System

Maximize asset lifetime, extend asset lifecycle

IPS is offering complete journey when it comes to setting up efficient EAM System. Whether its about implementation from scratch or integration with existing systems. IPS solution for EAM enhances any existing EAM (e.g., SAP, IBM Maximo…) by bridging the gap with additional functionality and enhanced data models. IPS®SYSTEMS are distinguished by modular design, meaning, customers can add individual module groups according to functional requirements and perform the gradual implementation of the system.

With efficient systems for Asset Management, all historical data and real-time data are always available to preform analysis and take appropriate actions to maximize asset lifetime and extend asset lifecycle. IPS®EAM provides necessary asset information to decrease unplanned downtime, extend asset lifetime and move from reactive to preventive practices.

With the right EAM system, your organization will save time, increase efficiency, and lower costs.

Asset types delivered by IPS are modeled in an intelligent way for easy return to all asset properties and characteristics needed. This is a necessary preliminary step for highly effective and efficient asset maintenance management (based on these properties and characteristics).

IPS®SYSTEMS have a built-in cross-reference to data intelligence solution IPS®SmartGridDI. Asset location can be displayed on the geo-map according to the values of the GIS attribute. This information is used in IPS®Publisher to represent certain statuses of assets, e.g., the status of work in progress, the status of recently closed work orders, dangerous defects, vegetation information, etc.

Single source of truth – IPS®SYSTEMS provides single database for all assets in the system. IPS can ensure that new items of assets and related information (asset name, object, address, inventory number…) are registered only once (either in the IPS®ENERGY modules or in any other IS).

Users can manage and customize all asset data from a single system, including asset type libraries and asset locations. They can track various events such as asset location changes, malfunction records, repair records and discard processes.


IPS®SYSTEMS are distinguished by modular design. Customers can add individual module groups according to functional requirements and perform the gradual implementation of the system – starting with basics and implementing full functionality step by step.



IPS® Calculation Studio

IPS® Business Process Management

IPS® Enterprise Report Studio

IPS® Maintenance Resource Intelligence



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