IPS®SYSTEMS are the World’s Largest Power Utilities Application platform around Enterprise Asset Management. It is a ready-made standard system specialized in Electrical Power Transmission, Distribution, and Generation. IPS®SYSTEMS can be deployed on-premises, or in the cloud and offers comprehensive types, models, and analytical libraries shared across the entire customer base.

IPS includes product data models for power systems. This forms a library of asset types that are maintained and updated for all customers worldwide, making implementations easier and faster.



IPS Products and Solutions go hand-in-hand. Our off-the-shelf, comprehensive products, with a detailed focus on the power industry and utilities, offer the solutions that will meet all your needs and adapt to your rhythm of growth. According to Gartner, IPS®SYSTEMS was rated high in functionality for 15 of the 18 functional categories surveyed, which was the best of any of the vendors assessed.

Enterprise Asset Management

Asset Performance Management With Advanced Analytics

Protective Relays and IED Management

Workforce Management

Outage Management System

Asset Investment Planning

Special Application for Electrical Power Systems

CIM-Based Network Model Management

Advanced Scheduling Module

Advanced Facility Ratings Management


IPS®SYSTEMS provides the Customer with large and ever-expanding technical libraries of Assets, Technical Data, and Analytics.

Our Asset Performance capability is world-leading, with highly advanced software and analytics to accurately evaluate Asset Health and predict Asset lives, undertake What-If analysis and CAPEX and OPEX optimization.

Highly intelligent Asset Configuration Management for Protective Relays and IEDs – a must-have for high level of power system security, reliability, and flexibility – is just one of our key differentiators.

We provide special tools for Power Systems, for which we are constantly improving and expanding our range all portfolio areas, to keep far ahead of the fast-changing needs of the Global Electricity Industry into our Digital Future.

IPS®SYSTEMS Integration

Our working process – How we work for and with our customers


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We ensure that the application quality is maintained and improved, within the post-adoption period. Our QA/QC and support experts will assist you along the way.


IPS customers are located all over the world. From small utilities to large companies as American Electric Power in the US, the largest utility company in North America.

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