IPS and Svenska kraftnät (Svk) have been working together for many years. On top of the Network Model Database Project (NMDB), including IPS® Network Model Management and IPS® Outage Management System back in 2019, we have now finished the implementation of IPS® Enterprise Protection Information System (IPS®EPIS).

IPS®EPIS handles detailed information (full digital twin) of complex assets, such as relay protection and automation devices, communication devices, and similar equipment (assets consisting of multiple technical components).

IPS®EPIS supports comprehensive device setting and configuration data management throughout the whole lifecycle, from the initial change request, through the development, approval, and commissioning process, to its final verification.

Such a data repository allows Protection and Control engineers to successfully manage, track and take appropriate actions to prevent system faults and, in case of a fault, to take quick and targeted actions, identify the problem, optimize the system, and prevent additional damage.

Svk IPS®EPIS Project Implementation included:

  • location data import from the current Svk ERP system,
  • import and map legacy protection information database,
  • mapping, validation, and mass import of microprocessor relay setting data,
  • integration with Svk CIM Network Model,
  • integration with CAPE,
  • design and configuration of relay parameter values to secondary and primary values formulas,
  • design and configuration of Relay Setting Documentation report.

IPS took care of IPS®EPIS implementation and integration with existing systems. Within the project implementation stage, we held familiarization training and workshops where we trained users to use the software to its full potential.