Market Guide for Enterprise Asset Management Software Report


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    After being acknowledged as the highest performing Niche Player in Gartner® Magic Quadrant for EAM Software in 2019, we are now recognized as a Representative Vendor in Gartner® Market Guide for Enterprise Asset Management Software Report.

    This Market Guide explores why market interest is shifting to overall asset strategies and process flow, which in turn increase system complexity, expanding the scope and overall investment budget.


    IPS®SYSTEMS offers a combination of software and services for efficient maintenance and control of assets and equipment in the power utility industry. Optimize the quality and use of assets through their lifecycle, reduce unnecessary downtimes and save valuable resources.


    Increase uptime


    Standalone or integrated


    Expandable master analytical library

    IPS®EAM is a core solution where an organization can efficiently maintain, control, and analyze its physical assets and infrastructure for the duration of the complete phases of the asset lifecycle. IPS®EAM goes hand in hand with IPS®APM solutions to better understand your data. IPS tools used for Asset Performance Management rely on the asset hierarchies from EAM. IPS®APM solution provides continuous insights to optimize asset performance and reliability.

    In general, IPS®SYSTEMS are distinguished by modular design. Individual Module Groups can be added and removed based on the customer needs – starting with basics and implementing complete functionality step by step.


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