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The proven fast track to efficient Network Model Management

IPS CIM-Based Network Model Management Solution will ease integrations with your external sources of network and substation data, validate data before importing it and maintain full audit trail of changes. In addition it will save time with Auto-Layout Diagrams Creation based on CIM Data.


Our advanced CIM-based Network Model Management Solution will take you to the future, right now. It provide and maintain incredibly valuable connectivity with your databases, data sources, applications, and Asset Management hierarchy, to effortlessly manage your systems planning and development activities with the assurance of quality and integrity of data and a fundamental single-source-of-truth basis.


CIM-based Approach


Python API Interface


IT/OT integration

How are we different?


IPS Solution offers a CIM Model based on the latest standard for Import and Export data that can be integrated to any system. For users of PSS®E V33 and 34, CAPE, SINCAL and other systems capable of using IEC61970 CIM XML Standard, IPS can furnish data exchange and easy integration.

It offers a single repository concept for all consumers of the Network Model; moreover, it supports multiple users, model parts, boundary parts, workspaces, and model assemblies. As opposed to simpler solutions, that track only the current version of the network model, the IPS® solution offers a complete audit trail over each granular change in the network model. The solution offers predefined rules and options for customer to define own rules for Network Model Data Set Import and Export Validation in order to save time and resources.

CIM based Data Repository

IPS Stores CIM data in native format within its relations, classes and attributes which has a huge advantage, data management flexibility and performance advantage compared with triple state databases or even flat files.

Version Control System

The version control concept is far more than a simple data audit trail. It enables branching, merge and rollback operation and the versions are assigned to CIM change sets.

Advance operations

Information in power systems domain based on CGMES and CIM best practices are accessible through graphical layout (connectivity), tabular browsing, Python scripting, C# scripting and querying.

IPS® Identity Provider and IPS® Authorization Server

Best practices in Cyber Security Authentication and Authorization, transparent Identity and Access Management.

Advanced engineering and integration tools

Validation rule engine comes with prepopulated ENTSO-E Validation Rules that can be instantly used to verify and validate your current or future power system investment plans. Additionally users can configure their own rules and scripts using Python or C# scripting.


Power flow results can be imported from external planning systems. Import/Export of different CIM profiles is in the reach of the right-mouse-click. Integration with WebAPI allows best Cyber Security solution to exchange the network information with data sources and data consumers.


IPS®SYSTEMS are distinguished by modular design. Customers can add individual module groups according to functional requirements and perform the gradual implementation of the system – starting with basics and implementing full functionality step by step.

IPS® Network Model Management



IPS® Circuit Element Limit Calculation

IPS® Business Process Management

IPS® CAPE Bridge – CIM


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