Our CIM-based Network Model and Topology Management functionality is so advanced, it takes you to the future, right now and provides incredibly valuable connectivity with your databases, data sources and applications and Asset Management hierarchy, to effortlessly manage your systems planning and development activities with the assurance of quality and integrity of data and fundamental single-source-of-truth basis.


CIM-based Network Model and Topology Management

CIM based Data Repository

Stores individual CIM data (entities, properties and relations) as data (information) points and not files.

Microsoft SQL Server is the underlaying RDMS

IMM (Information Model Management) for stored data is done according to CIM and CGMES standards

Multiple Model Repositories allow you to have separate model groups within the same production environment.

Version Control System

The version control concept is far more than a simple data audit trail

Enables branching, merge and rollback operations

The versions are assigned to CIM change sets (not files)

Advance operations in power systems domain based on CGMES and CIM best practices

Information is accessible via several presentation layers:
– graphical layout (connectivity)
– tabular browsing
– Python scripting
– Querying

Enterprise level role based security, user authentication and rights management

Enterprise level role based security, user authentication and rights management

Advanced engineering and integration tools

Validation and rule engine – fully configurable including custom user configurations

Internal Power Flow calculation

Python API interface

RESTful Web API Interface for Integration


CURRENT SOLUTION requires running several isolated IT systems, containing and consuming information about Network Models.
IPS SOLUTION offers a single repository concept for all consumers of the Network Model. IPS also supports multiple users, model parts, boundary parts, workspaces, and model assemblies.
CURRENT SOLUTION has difficulties with Integration due to the different system identifiers.
IPS SOLUTION offers a CIM Model based on the latest standard for Import and Export data that can be integrated to any system. For users of PSS(r)E V33 and 34, CAPE, SINCAL and other systems capable of using IEC61970 CIM XML Standard, IPS can furnish data exchange and easy integration.
CURRENT SOLUTION has an inability to provide a single source of information to the entire IT system.
IPS SOLUTION will provide integration of the Network Model with Asset Management Data (IT/OT integration).
CURRENT SOLUTION requires considerable engineering time to support network elements and substation single-line diagram management.
IPS SOLUTION provides time saving Automatic or Semi-Automatic Single Line Diagram Creation based on CIM data.
CURRENT SOLUTION only tracks current version of the network model.
IPS SOLUTION offers complete audit trail over each granular change in the network model.
CURRENT SOLUTION does not contain the power flow.
IPS SOLUTION offers internal power flow calculation and power system analysis.
CURRENT SOLUTION has difficulties with Network Model Data Set Validation.
IPS SOLUTION provides Network Model Data Set Import and Export Validation with predefined and customer defined rules.


Server Licensing (Functionality installed on Server)


Network Model Management


Network Topology Management


Calculation Studio


Client License (per power user of the system)

IPS-Integration Package consist of:


This solution can be combined with any or all of the other IPS Solutions