Brisbane, Australia: March 2022

Earlier this month, the long-awaited Energy Networks Conference & Exhibition was held in Brisbane from 16th to 18th March 2022, at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, with 800+ Delegates and 70+ Exhibition Booths, with all participants very excited, busy and engaged throughout the packed 3-day event. In fact, the level of excitement was palpable, as people in the Energy Industry from all over Australia and beyond came together in one place, almost as a celebration, after more than two years of severe COVID travel, event and gathering restrictions.

The Energy Networks Australia (ENA) Conference and Exhibition brought together the best in the industry to share expertise on how we navigate and transform our 20th-century Grid in Australia so that it can deliver energy and provide services and value the way consumers of the 21st-century demand.

The event connected people from across the Energy Industry and provided opportunities to strengthen existing relationships and create new ones and is the only conference and exhibition on the energy network event calendar in Australia run by the industry, for the industry.

IPS (Greg Jones and Vishu Yemula from our Melbourne office,) were there to enthusiastically participate with Conference and Exhibition Booth attendances, including a presentation by Dr Zeljko Schreiner (remotely from Germany), on Grid-Driven Analytics (RTE Transmission, France) on Day One of the Conference.

This year, as an extra incentive for delegates to find out more about IPS®SYSTEMS Products and Solutions we included a promotional “IPS Luna Challenge” online quiz game at our exhibition booth (with live appearances by “Luna” at set times on both Exhibition Days), where participants could start playing at “Core Level” and then choose to advance up to “Executive” and “Enterprise” Levels provided they scored all answers correctly at ‘Executive Level. This turned out to be a fun and interesting activity for delegates, which added significantly to the level of engagement at our Booth and prompted many questions and interest about IPS Products and Solutions!

Overall, the Energy Networks Conference and Exhibition seemed to be appreciated and enjoyed by all, and we are now further engaging with our new and existing contacts to provide further information, presentations and Demos, for a more complete understanding and appreciation of the advanced functionality and intelligence of IPS®SYSTEMS and how IPS works closely with our Customers to help them to achieve success in their Asset Management and Digital Transformation journeys into the future!

If you missed the opportunity to see a presentation and chat with our team at the event, you can still do so by booking a free demo of our solutions tailored to you.

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