Have you ever heard someone say “no-one gets fired for implementing “A” or “B” EAM Systems…”?  You might also have heard of EAM Projects out there that never get fully implemented, as the process becomes a time and money sink, resulting in not realizing the expected outcomes.

The reality is, although there are EAM solutions which have been traditionally considered “low risk” choices, in this fast-moving and changing landscape with the age of Industry 4.0 (Digitalization) already upon us, the smart money investment now is on modular, best-of-breed, highly Customer-configurable EAM systems as the “low risk” option for delivering value faster now and into the future.

Consider the powerful and advanced features and benefits of implementing the IPS-EAM™  Solution, which will deliver a fast step-up in efficiency and effectiveness of your Asset Management processes and assist in valuable ongoing improvements to your Asset Performance and company bottom line.

As IPS is a highly specialized and advanced Developer and Implementer of Software and Analytics, using our hybrid Agile and Lean methodology – not only can we deliver value to your Company quickly and cost-effectively, the value delivered will increase over time, as we continuously improve and develop new features and applications.

We continue to engage deeply with our ever-expanding Global Customer Base at the forefront of all of our leading-edge development and implementation processes, thus ensuring your investment in IPS-EAM™ is “future-proofed”, with flexibility and adaptability to changing business and market environments and predictively and pro-actively meeting changing needs and priorities of your business operations.

Just some of the other key benefits of choosing IPS-EAM™ are as follows:

  • Provides you with the ability to define maintenance cycles based on any combination of desired values, such as time, condition, risk value, or RCM Methodology.
  • Uses advanced analytics for improvements to your maintenance plan, such as removing maintenance actions for assets scheduled for replacement and replacing major maintenance actions with minor actions for assets in excellent health.
  • Provides one of the most extensive master type libraries in the world, updated several times per year.
  • Helps to reduce and control your maintenance costs through outage and maintenance optimization.
  • Provides a unique and detailed data model for linear assets and the ability to define, track, and display the topological connectivity.

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