Beautiful Vancouver was the setting for this year’s CIGRE Canada.  Our USA team, consisting of Randy Norman and Jerry Day, were our representatives to speak with predominantly Canadian Utilities about what IPS can do.

Both Jerry and Randy shared that the importance of Asset Performance Management was at the forefront of the people they spoke to.  Because of this focus, they were able to share our world-leading asset performance and advanced analytics software.  The focus of IPS®SYSTEMS on optimization allows our customers to improve asset availability, reduce cost, and extend the lifetime of assets.

Jerry shared, “While the entire power industry experiences largely the same issues, it is nice that CIGRE allows us to focus on the specific perspective of our Canadian Clients and how we can best support their particular needs and regulations.”

ips events jerry day cigre canada 2023 IPS Attends CIGRE Canada
IPS events Jerry Day CIGRE Canada 2023

Regulations like FERC Order 881 focused on Ambient Adjusted Rating and the assumptions for long-term requests and four-season requirements.  IPS®Advanced Facility Ratings Management is ready to fulfill those and many other regulatory demands today and in the future.

Randy Norman, our founding member of IPS-ENERGY USA, said about the event, “CIGRE attracts people from nearly all of the Canadian utilities.  This allows us to chat with our current customers as well as prospective customers about IPS®SYSTEMS.” Our ability to connect and discuss Canadian utilities’ current and future needs helps IPS®SYSTEMS to use “…all of the data they collect to help make better decisions.”

ips events randy norman cigre canada 2023 IPS Attends CIGRE Canada
IPS events Randy Norman CIGRE Canada 2023

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Text made by Rebecca Day