IPS Integration package consists of IPS®SmartGridDI and IPS®Web Services

IPS®WebServices offers capabilities for:

IPS database data browsing

any information from IPS®SYSTEMS database can be read by third-party systems

IPS database data storing

any information triggered by third party systems can be stored in IPS

IPS is charging this type of interface per IPS Web API (client) consumer. For example if IPS is required to feed data from 3 different data sources (SAP, SCADA and GIS) then this would be 3 different client (license) subscribers.

IPS data models are predefined per asset group (transformer, breaker, protection, linear assets), location type and also data input types (test results, monitoring results, inspections etc.), however, at the same time, the data store models are very flexible and can be easily adjusted or expanded to fit specific requirements.

IPS®SmartGridDI supports:

Data (read/import) pull from external systems

can monitor data changes in external systems, monitor databases, files, web services etc.

Data (export) push to external systems

can push data from its own data store to external sources on schedule or condition basis

Every external source (data connection) from/to which IPS is reading or sending information to is separately licensed.

With IPS Web API it is possible to exchange data only one unidirectional way, from External System (source) to IPS®SYSTEMS (target), whereas, IPS®SmartGridDI is required to enable bidirectional data exchange.

If one data source is used to exchange both via IPS Web API and IPS®SmartGridDI, then this is treated as a single Client License.


Bidirectional Interface CAPE & IPS®RELEX. Developed for an easy data transfer between IPS and CAPE. Common development by Electrocon and IPS with new functionality in CAPE and IPS®SYSTEMS.



What you can do within the module group – IPS®CAPE Bridge:

  • Data transfer from IPS –> CAPE
    • Creation/editing of substations and LZOP data in CAPE
    • Creation/editing of relays in CAPE
    • Creation/editing of relay settings in CAPE
  • Data transfer from CAPE –> IPS
    • Creation / editing of substations and feeders data in IPS
    • Creation / editing of relays in IPS
    • Creation / editing of relay settings in IPS
  • Management of the mapping between CAPE Styles and IPS Relay Models
    • Easy and fast data transfer between IPS and CAPE

Data Exchange | Style Management

For more details of Licensing, please refer to this link

NOTE: ®SYSTEMS supports audit of all changes, data quality analysis, conditional notifications and alerts for incoming/outgoing data, statistics etc. and IPS have achieved many successful implementations of interfaces with near real time data, monitoring data, test results, ERP systems (SAP/Maximo/Ventyx..), big data systems, OSI Soft, CAPE, PSSE etc.