Module Group Overview

IPS® Calculation Studio

With IPS®Calculation studio, you can define and use your formulas. Calculation Studio is a scripting engine that uses the Microsoft C# language and implements configurable functions (formula definitions). These functions/formula definitions are assigned to each asset instance and executed in the context of the given asset instance. The formulas are defined once (on template level) and used/referenced by relevant asset instances where the procedures are assigned.

The significant benefit is a built-in engine to evaluate formulas eventually based on IPS®ENERGY database fields.

Module Overview

Calculation Studio consists of the Formula Manager module, where all work is done.

– Formula Explorer is where you can organize your formula folders in the standard tree view hierarchy.

– Formula definition: This is the area where all existing formulas are listed. By default, IPS®ENERGY does not provide any pre-defined procedures so that space might be empty. Upon customer request, specific formulas can be set up.