Module Group Overview

IPS® CAPE Bridge+

IPS® CAPE Bridge+ allows you to manage the data transfer between IPS®ENERGY and CAPE via IPS® Topology Manager (IPS®TM). CAPE allows power setting calculation, IPS allows proper storage and management of relay settings. The data exchange with IPS® CAPE Bridge+ is faster and more reliable since IPS®TM supports the connection between the topology of the electrical system and IPS®RELEX or Asset Management.

Only a combination of both assures a complete solution for relay setting management including calculation.

Module Overview

IPS® CAPE Bridge+ contains modules:

  • Data exchange
  • Style management

Data exchange service allows import and export of data between CAPE and IPS.

With Style management, users can map CAPE styles with Relay patterns and Relay Types. IPS® Cape Bridge+ also includes the database of the CAPE Relay Style list.

The precondition for IPS® CAPE Bridge+ module is IPS®TM.