Module Group Overview

IPS® Reliability Centered Maintenance

Module Overview

Different assets require different styles of maintenance management. IPS®RCM is the ongoing, efficient process of complementing critical systems with the most cost-efficient maintenance strategy to increase overall reliability. It helps companies find the best possible maintenance strategy for every asset.

Reliability Centered Maintenance is an application specifically developed to ensure cost-effective and reliable operations of all technical assets, by applying a maintenance strategy that focuses on the most important functions of the equipment and its position on the grid. IPS®RCM reduces the failure rates and preserves the system functions.

Regarding the operating context, how likely they are to fail, and what the consequences would be, IPS®RCM optimizes the maintenance plan for technical equipment. IPS®RCM defines an approach to setting up maintenance plans by focusing on the cause, the severity, and consequences of failure, and how to prevent it.

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a library of failure modes – the way in which items could fail and their effects. FMEA fully supports IPS®RCM activities and focuses on analyses for failure reduction to detect them before they occur therefore reducing costs. IPS®RCM comes with an IPS standard FMEA library, ready to be used within maintenance management and assets investment planning.