Module Group Overview

Maintenance Concept

With Maintenance Concept module users can set up maintenance plans and actions for technical assets and can define processes and templates for operative service tasks, follow up actions, responses, etc. The basic logic is based on the definition of the Maintenance Templates, their corresponding Tasks, and Action Responses. Templates defined within this module group are later executed in the Work Execution module group.

Module Overview

  • Maintenance Concept Definition provides an overview of templates that consist of Actions, Tasks and Action Responses.
  • Commissioning Concept Definition allows you to define your commissioning tree structure, assign the action templates, and organize asset types.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) is an optional module allowing to manage any customer QA activity using the same design as Maintenance respectively Commissioning Concepts.
  • FAQTutorial module allows you to define FAQ-, Tutorial, or User documentation embedded in IPS®ENERGY, using again the same design as Maintenance or Commissioning Concepts.