IPS®OMS Planned Outage Management

The IPS®OMS is the software system specifically designed to perform the outage planning function of power system utilities, including management of all outages.

Simplify processes of scheduling and managing planned outages, including forced outages. Visualize plans in various formats, such as CIM-based grid diagram layouts, facilitate switching orders and work permits, record operational log activities in electrical form, and provide infrastructure for change tracking, alerting, notification and reporting.

The system is designed to ensure that the IPS®SmartGridDI interfacing product provides automated interfaces with all external and internal systems that require information exchange with the IPS®OMS core features and functionality.

The IPS®OMS additionally manages work permits and work requests related to scheduled outage plans with or without interfacing with the asset management and work scheduling systems. The IPS®OMS system has built-in integration (without any additional interfacing) with the IPS®ENERGY Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system.

Browsing and creating records

The IPS® Planned Outage Management module contains management and visualization of the core entities of the IPS®OMS like outage plans, planned outages, work requests, and executed outage records.

IPS® Integration

Automated interfaces with all internal and external systems needed for information exchange with IPS®OMS core features and functionalities, and built-in integration with IPS®ENERGY Enterprise Asset Management System.

Outage Plans

Save time and resources by grouping all future planned outage items and execute them together. Using AI, identification of connections between items is easier and coordination simpler.


In-built data analytics and vizualisations makes data easier to read and understand. It helps with bringing better decision.

Plan your Outages better!

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