IPS®OMS Unplanned Outage Management

The IPS®OMS Unplanned Outage Management is a dedicated module within IPS®SYSTEMS, explicitly designed to manage unplanned outages in power system utilities.

Collect valuable information related to outage events, including fault/disturbance events, outage items, circuit breaker operations, and protection devices operations, for further investigations resolving outages and root-cause analyses.

Browse and create Unplanned Outages

Easily access all data related to existing unplanned outages. Explore all historical Outage Events and Outage Items, customize your views. Simply create new Outage Events and select network elements directly from CIM diagrams.

Generate Reports

Advanced reports on selected outage events are just click away. Generate individual reports about Outage summary, COS disoperation, Ent-Cos Incorrect, TADS Report, or generate List Reports.

Substation Tree in IPS®OMS Unplanned Outage Management

IPS®OMS Unplanned Outage Management has developed the only CIM based outage management system in the world. IPS®OMS Unplanned Outage Management has already built in CIM substation hierarchy presentation. Root element is Network, divided into Regions (CIM class: Geographical Region), further divided into SubRegions, comprised of Substations.

Configurations in Grid View

Customize your Grid View by adding and removing columns, exporting outage events to excel, reset defaults or create reports directly from IPS®OMS Unplanned Outage Management. Simple and user-friendly interface allows you to rearrange columns easily bs using drag and drop function, change sorting orders, and many more.


Outage Creation

Automatic and semi-automatic creation of outages from SLD based in CIM XML model.


Instant Notifications

Get a real-time notification when an outage occurs. Easily set up and modify SMS, e-mail or call announcements.


Outage Monitoring

Run a live simulation of lightning strikes. Details about OHL, substations and lightings are just one click away.



CAPE, SCADA, SAP,… IPS ®OMS Unplanned Outage Management can integrate with various systems.


Key Performance Indicator

Fully customizable dashboards are best way to track KPI, and measure success.


Sequence of Events

Real-time outage overview for the particular assets on the grid.

Don’t let an outage to surprise you again.

Manage your outages better and take advantage of all features within IPS® OMS Unplanned Outage Management System. Book a free demo with IPS® Experts and learn more about successful administration of unplanned outages.