This article starts a series of articles covering the New Web-Based LUNA platform.  As IPS moves closer to the release of LUNA (IPS-Energy V2.0), we will continue to introduce you to IPS-LUNA™ by reviewing a few of the exciting new developments in upcoming articles.

  • Implementation of analytics based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Neural Networking will significantly influence human decision making.
  • Utilization of multiple Chatbots (Alexa, Cortana, Google, etc.) will increase productivity and (field) work performance.
  • Analytics queries can now be generated using search, natural-language query or voice, or simply auto-generated.
  • All modern browsers support WebGL 2, which allows a new and exciting level of 3D texture and object rendering, fragment depth, and vertex array objects.
  • The new platform will adjust to Role-Specific configurations, user behaviors, and company guidelines. The application is learning, suggesting, and guiding the user based on previous activities.

Our next post in the IPS-LUNA™ series is coming soon.