IPS®ComponentManagement provides information systems, data models, rule sets, and data management for utilities to facilitate compliance with the ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards, which includes information technology, security techniques, and information security management systems.

The standards require DSOs and TSOs to demonstrate that ISMS data management, configurations, and versions of all smart devices in stations are tracked in a centralized information system in a standardized manner.

IPS®ENERGY has introduced a concept of components, which means:

  • Components are centrally organized and configured at Asset Type.
    • For each manufacturer/type/… at the Asset Type level, individual Component Hierarchy can be defined,
    • including historical management of archived, valid or obsolete versions and
    • their validity – Patch Management.
  • Standardized and centralized Component hierarchy can be assigned, modified, or deleted on each individual Asset Instance.
  • Users can centrally manage the Component version lifecycle at the Asset Type level and immediately obtain the list of maintenance activities required to keep the fleet of smart devices at the required version level.

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